Lab Automatic Glassware Washer Equipment for Medical Hospital Aurora-2

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Basic parameter
1. Working temperature:5-40ºC
2. Electronic Power: 220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
3. Electric wire:2m/5*10m2
4. Heating power:3KW/9KW
6. Total power:5KW/11KW
6. Washing chamber in 316L stainless steel
7. External panel in 304 stainless steel
8. Capacity: 308L
9. Peristaltic pump: 4 pieces
10. Programs: 36 default, 100+custom
11. Washing temperature: up to 95ºC
12. RS 232 Port: For transferring data information from washer
13. Touch screen:7″color screen
14. Outside dimension:H/W/D: 980*620*750mm
15. Weight: 100KG
16. Temperature sensor: PT1000
17. Internet connection available
18. Visible window on the door
19. Conductivity monitoring system for rinse
20. Pure water booster pump available
21. High efficiency steam condenser

Function introduction
1. Start-delay option: Appointed washing by count down or fix a time
2. Functional protected by different levels of password
3. Control system: Micro-computer control,RS485,Opto-couplers isolation,Original imported chip,signal remote transmission protected.
4. Automatic door system
5. Circulating system: Variable frequency starting function Circulation pump flow: 0-600L/min Pressure monitoring and antifoam washing to ensure efficient cleaning Spray arm with speed monitor to alarm obstacle
6. Cleaning rack system: Cleaning rack interchangeable in any level. Flexibility of multi-level injection washing and interchangeable baskets More than three water inlets with automatic closed valve. Automatic identification on basket and regulate water flow
7. Capacity height: Single level cleaning height:70cm Cleaning height in two levels:46cm Cleaning height in three levels:17cm


Hangzhou Xipingzhe Biological Technology Co., Ltd

XPZ is a leading manufacture of laboratory glassware washer,located in hangzhou city,zhejiang province,china.XPZ specializes in research,production and trade the automatic glassware washer which is applied to Bio-pharma,Medical health,Quality inspection environment ,food monitoring,and petrochemical field.

XPZ is committed to help solve all kinds of cleaning problems.We are the main supplier to Chinese inspection authorities and chemical enterprises,meanwhile XPZ brand has been spread to many other countries,like india ,UK,Russia,South Korea,Uganda,the philippinese etc.,XPZ provides integrated solutions based on customized demand,including product selection ,installation and operate training etc.

We will gather more enterprise advantage to provide innovtive products with high quality and excellent service ,to keep our long-term friendship.


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